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Civil Engineering And Land Development Specialists Since 1987


PRE and CEG represent the Tucson and Phoenix branch offices for an Arizona based full service civil engineering and land surveying company. Together, we have been serving Arizona since 1987. We provide all forms of site development design services to the light industrial, commercial, retail, and multi-family industries. These include construction related engineering services, civil engineering, land entitlement, zoning, landscape architecture, land surveying, platting, construction staking, geotechnical investigations, and most other site services.

In just the past 15 years, we have designed and completed over 150 new development projects that include apartment complexes, shopping centers, manufacturing buildings, warehouses, office buildings, churches, town homes, residential subdivisions, and custom home lots. We also have vast experience with ground water hydrology, ground water rights, water systems, sewerage systems, small treatment facilities, etc.


Our focus on fair rates, customer service, and quality work has been at the foundation of our company since the day we started. This focus showed through during recent recession as our clients kept coming back to us for work while other larger firms struggled. All work is overseen directly by the one of our registered professionals. Our entire team has extensive experience in land development within central Arizona area and we take pride in providing quality work, with an emphasis on customer service and responsiveness.


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