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Senior Management and Key Personnel

Staff1PRE CEG Engineering is a premier Civil Engineering group that works toward a single goal:  Client Results and Satisfaction. We achieve these results through our commitment to our clients, to our firm, and to our staff members. We are constantly working to identify improvements we can implement to better our customer service efforts, our internal procedures and process, and to professionally develop our staff. Our senior management staff are experienced licensed professionals in the engineering industry. They actively participate with applicable professional membership organizations and regulatory oversight bodies. The unique talents, insight and abilities our senior leadership add to the firm's valuable resources.

PRE CEG Engineering’s management team is supported by a full complement of highly qualified professional staff members. Our selective hiring processes ensure that the our team, from our project managers and technical staff to our administrative staff, are the most competent, educated and trained individuals in their respective specialties. The firm offers ongoing training and development opportunities for staff and encourages input from all levels on improvements that can be made to our client relations initiatives and internal processes and procedures.

Daniel H. White, P.E.

Daniel White is president and principal engineer of Physical Resource Engineering, Inc. and has been serving in this capacity since the inception of the firm in 1987. He received both BS (Geology) and MS (Geological Engineering) degrees at the University of Arizona and is a Registered Geological Engineer in the State of Arizona.

He has managed hundreds of civil design projects that have included subdivision plats, development plans, and improvement plans, but has also been active in providing both civil and mining geotechnical consultant services including, but not necessarily limited to soils investigations, underground and open pit rock engineering, underground mine design and mining feasibility studies. This work experience includes assignments in Chile, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Zimbabwe, Zaire, Uzbekistan, and the Dominican Republic.    


Nathan J. Cottrell, P.E.

Nate is principal engineer of CEG Applied Sciences and has a B.S. in Civil engineering from the University of Arizona.  He has been managing CEG for 12 years has worked with Dan for 20+ years.  He has designed and managed hundreds of projects in Phoenix, Tucson, Casa Grande, Flagstaff, Prescott, and many others around Arizona.  He specializes in land development, multi-family, religious, commercial and industrial projects, hydrologic analysis’, and USACE and FEMA permitting


Geoff K. Brimhall, R.L.S.

Geoff has been land surveying since 1977. He is survey manager for Physical Resource Engineering, Inc .and coordinates all field survey work. He is an Arizona Registered Land Surveyor and has been with the firm since 1994. Mr. Brimhall has had the benefit of a wealth of experience that varies quite markedly in scope and complexity. This includes construction staking, high order level surveys for subsidence control, underground mine surveying, topographic surveys, retracement and route surveys as well as ALTA surveys and legal document preparation. His proficiency in AutoCAD permits him to both create records of survey, but also verify the quality of work prepared by others.


William Strang, P.E.

William is senior civil engineer and has over 30 years experience pursuing diverse assignments in traffic engineering, drainage design, construction materials testing and surveying. Mr. Strang is an Arizona Registered Civil Engineer, and has been with the firm since 2002.  He  manages all laboratory testing of soils, concrete, asphalt, masonry and geosynthetics, as well as completes special inspections as might be required for the placement of steel, wood and concrete structural elements.     

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